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We are one of the leading international agencies for earning money in social networks and a team of hundreds of professionals engaged in the promotion of models from all over the world - from Ukraine to the USA. Our team has seven years of international marketing and management experience. We use our experience to propel you to the pinnacle of success. At Icon Stradom, we focus only on the best result by investing our own money in promotion and using our expertise in online marketing and sales.


We work in two directions

Full production of the model on the platform


Help in promoting the model on platforms

We are one of the best social media promotion agencies

About us and our values


We are all unique and that is what makes us so special. We care about you and use your talents so that you can realize yourself and achieve all your goals.


You can count on our team at any time. We have never let anyone down and will not let anyone down in the future. We are a small family that trusts each other above all else.


We are incredibly passionate about our work. We expect you to share our enthusiasm! Read on if you can imagine creating custom strategies with passion and emotion.


Respect for the team and for customers is the most important thing in any field. One of our strongest points is teamwork, only with such mutual understanding we show the best results.


We understand well that OF is a lot of money and as a result our reputation may suffer. We allow you to remain completely anonymous while continuing to work as a professional model.

You are beautiful just the way you are

Your advantages will be emphasized.
If your thinking is open to new creative ideas - we will gladly support any experiments!


We appreciate your time if you've read this far. All of the following passages demonstrate our commitment. We are your team, your family and your business partner. We are your agency and we are fully committed to you.

Why you should work with us?

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Do you need specialist help?

It is very difficult to recruit an initial audience without knowledge and a sufficient amount of finance.

Many of our models started with almost no money. With the help of our individual approach to each of them, their lives have completely changed. We invest tens of thousands of dollars in the promotion of each model in order to bring it to the top.

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What kind of lifestyle do you want?

Many dream, but few achieve. Don't want to work 24/7 for a salary that barely covers rent? Or need to save up to take a short trip this year?

Life can be much better, take responsibility for your future and become a successful woman who has realized all her ambitions.

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Establishing trust is our priority

Our managers are on call 24/7, so you will always be able to find answers to all the questions that interest you. We will take into account all your wishes and needs regarding promotion, because we focus on the individuality of each model.

Contacting experienced professionals allows you to count on an adequate ratio of price and quality, as well as a guarantee of effective fulfillment of all basic obligations. We are deeply convinced that only by reaching an understanding between our team and the client, we can expect only the best results and change your life for the better!

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Live to the fullest today

With us you can earn money without having to be active all the time. You no longer need to check your account every 5 minutes - instead, you can just sit back and watch the money get credited to your card.

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We change your life!

This is the path to fame, money and freedom. We are responsible for your success and give all our strength to radically change your life for the better.

We work around the clock with one goal - to achieve your success and positively affect your life. You can live in Bali, Dubai, the Caribbean, earn increasing amounts of income month after month. Finally, live as you always dreamed.

Reviews of our models




Создала страницу на ОнлиФанс и не знала что дальше делать. Тратила деньги на рекламу и все было бесполезно. Мне написал hr агенства и мы довольно быстро стали сотрудничать. В первом же месяце с моего баланса анкеты в 700$ меня вывели на 11000$. Очень рада сотрудничать с вами!




Очень довольна работать с данным агентством. Всем девушкам рекомендую именно их на рынке, они лучшее! P.S у меня был опыт работы в других




I've been working for OF for 2 years now. Recently joined this agency. The team is doing a good job. I'm glad that you always go to the meeting




Почала працювати один місяць тому . Моя подруга наполягала піти саме до цієї агенції і я дуже рада. Вони надають саме такі показники, які й обіцяли




Команда профессионалов! Очень легко работать. Контент менеджер просто топ🔝 




Работаю с этим агентством уже 6 месяцев и безумно им благодарна ! Лучшие

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Do you want to work alone, but need experience and knowledge? We are ready to help you

Our tariff plans for OF



- 1 promo campaign (500-1000 fans)



- 2 promo campaign (1000-2000 fans)
- 1 chat operator per month



- 3 promo campaigns (1500-3000 fans)
- 2 chat operators for your account
- development of content plan



- 5 promo campaigns (2500-5000 fans)
- selection of individual image of the model
- development of content plan
- a team of chat rooms that work 24/7 all month long
- positioning recommendations



- 10 promo campaigns (5000-10000 fans)
- selection of individual image of the model
- development of content plan
- a team of chat operators that work 24/7 all month long
- positioning recommendations
- creation of an individual promotion strategy for a period of up to 3 months

Actual vacancies

We are actively expanding and are always happy to see new specialists in our team!

Leave an application and our manager will tell you more about the vacancies of our agency
We will provide you with the most comfortable working conditions!


Chat operator

up 5000$ / month

Scouts / recruiters

up 1500$ / month

Marketer / traffic manager

up 2500$ / month

Icon Stardom

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