How do we work with OnlyFans?

Viral marketing strategy

You will be seen by over 1,000,000 people if you follow our plan. We are aware of current trends and successfully integrate them with you. We will increase your popularity by increasing your reach with multiple advertising campaigns.

Account audit

You have a manager who is responsible for your account. Every week he presents your account to the rest of the team and passes it on to us. Can it be even better? What ambitions can be achieved in two months? Your boss knows the answers to these questions and will work with you for a long time. You will gain in-depth knowledge of economic processes.

Account development

We ensure the long-term growth of your account by regularly attracting new fans and retaining your current followers. We analyze your pages, identify their strengths and create methods to grow your reach.


Consultations on social networks

We will select the best tools for you and constantly adjust methods to attract new fans and keep existing ones. We also manage and help you optimize your organic traffic on social networks and apply proven tactics to create a fan growth funnel.

Work with customers

Determining the active reach of an account requires pure data analysis. We specialize in assessing the current state of the market and independently responding to changes. This is what distinguishes a fast, profitable and professional agency.

OF account management

We handle all system settings, accounts must be checked regularly, so we moderate your messages and respond to all fans.

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Content management

We help you develop your content. Posing, lighting and copywriting classes available. You have no idea what that is, do you? Your content will be unique if you follow our guidelines and tips.

Our advantages



    Payment is made directly to the model's bank account
    Over 7 years of experience in social media and e-commerce
    We work 24/7 and are always in touch!
    A team of hundreds of professionals of various profiles
    Weekly meetings with your manager
    Individual strategies and a ready-made content plan
    More models - more experience

Other agencies

    Payment is made to the agency's bank account
    Lack of experience
    Only occasional contact
    A small team of specialists
    No personal manager or feedback
    One strategy that does not adapt to each model individually
    Fewer models - less experience


  • What do we offer?

    We are a two-pronged business: we do full model production and we handle 90% of Onlyfans' work, from profile promotion to selling to a huge fan base, AND you can hire our team as marketing experts.
    With our help, it is possible to earn passive income with the help of content: $500 - $10,000 per month, and you will also receive an advance of $100-$500 at the start of work.

  • What will be the roles of the parties?

    On our side, 90% of the work with Onlyfans: from advertising to selling in personal messages. The only thing left for models to do is create content and get paid monthly.

    1. Creating and maintaining an account on Onlyfans
    2. Advertising (budget for the test ~ $5000) – at our expense.
    3. The salaries of the team of marketers, operators, and content managers are on our side.
    4. Conducting correspondence in the chat - the model does not even need to enter the profile.
    5. Payment of a model advance of $500 for a starter set of content.
    6. Monthly payments of $500 - $10,000 depending on the account balance.

    1. Account Registration Content.
    2. Content for sale - upon request.

  • Can I partner with you Icon Stardom if I don't have an account yet?

    Yes, the answer is YES!

    We develop exclusive strategies for all models, influencers or those who want to become one and make money with social media. We will help you achieve your goals and earn thousands of dollars per month with clear instructions and proven tactics.

  • Do I really need agency services?

    Yes and no.

    However, with an agency you will be able to earn much more money and need much less time. You have to work 24/7 without an agency, you have to find all the trends yourself, you have to do all the posts on all the platforms yourself, you have no one to help you with the structure. Many models spend months trying to make it on their own, earning barely $500-$2000 per month, before coming to us. We can increase turnover to $15,000 - $20,000 in 90% of situations after we take on mentoring.

  • How much will I earn?

    A model's income depends on her profile. The more content we have and the faster the model will respond to requests for new material - the higher the earning potential. The minimum amount we guarantee you is $500. Depending on the turnover of your questionnaire, you can earn from 500 to 10,000 dollars.

    All costs for promotion and advertising, operator training, operator salaries, withdrawal commissions are on our side. For you, actually, this is passive income on your own content. We take care of the rest.

  • Do I need to use professional video and photography?

    Of course not! We know the platform and what works best on it. Private images taken with your own phone are much better. Fans want to feel a personal connection with you and like you made the photo especially for them.

    We illustrate and explain how images should look to our models. It's not difficult, and our strategies will help you quickly delight your fans and increase your sales.

  • How much time should be devoted to work?

    Generally, you only need 1-2 hours each day. Sometimes you need more, like when your account is full of paid fans.

    When your income exceeds $40,000, it's often a good idea to quit your day job and devote more time to Onlyfans.

  • Why is the payment not 50/50?

    Based on our experience, about 50% of the turnover goes to advertising alone - this is not counting the salaries of marketers who buy advertising and operators who convert advertising into income. Therefore, any promises to provide a result for 50% of the total income (or similar figures) are free cheese in a mousetrap.

    We are only ready for honest and transparent work, so we set realistic expectations. The main thing we can promise: with us, the model will always earn more than in any other case. Better to get 20% of $30,000 than 100% of $500.

  • What if I want to be anonymous?

    It's usually better to show your face, it's much easier to get more followers. People like to look at and read people's faces. They want to know if you're having fun, if you're happy, if you're okay, if you want more.

    Some of our successful models do not show their faces, but remain popular. Model confidentiality is one of the priorities of our work. We promote the profile exclusively to the Western audience (USA and Canada + Western Europe). Onlyfans is subject to US laws that are extremely strict regarding the preservation of confidential information, and the actual effect of these laws goes far beyond the borders of the States. The model account is registered under a pseudonym instead of a real name, and the profile itself is closed. In order to access Onlyfans (including your profile), each user is required to undergo identification - to confirm their identity using their personal data and bank card. In case of an attempt to illegally distribute content, the platform tracks such users and transfers their data to law enforcement agencies.

    It is impossible to save content from the site directly, be it photos or videos.
    At your request, we can block at least 3 countries for which your questionnaire will not be available.

Customer profiles on OnlyFans

Almost all Western Instagram models use OnlyFans.
Here are examples of girls who maintain their profile on this platform:

The results of working with our agency

Here are our benchmarks showing the results of 80% of our models